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Fast and Easy Lump Sum Pension Purchases

At we are experts in pension purchases, it is what we do best! We specialize in giving a lump sum payment to those that are currently receiving a monthly pension check, are retired or have an annuity. The lump sum pension purchase service we provide is fast, free and easy! In fact, just moments after completing our simple form, our experts evaluate the form and give you a free, no-obligation quote. After you accept the quote we prepare all the required documents and complete the process right in our office. We make the lump sum payment process simple and fast.

Lumpsum Purchases for any reason

There are many reasons you may want to sell a portion of your future income. Whether you need fast cash for an emergency or you just want to get all of your money at once, you can get a lump sum pension payout with just about any situation. Remember the money is yours, it is just set up to be paid incrementally. Our pension purchase service gets your money when you need it most, for any reason at all. So if you have a retirement or pension and need money for bills, a new home or an investment, we can get your money fast.

Lumpsum Pension Learning Center

Being the best at what we do means that we do things differently, keeping our clients informed during the entire process is just one reason nearly all of our clients recommend us to their friends and family. Knowledge and understanding of the process is key to making you happy and creating a win-win situation.

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When you get a lump sum pension payout you are selling a set amount of your future pension income for a lesser sum today! It is important to understand when you choose a lump sum pension payout you may get less money than you would have received if you did not sell a portion of your future income; This is not a pension loan! This is because you are selling your future pension income at a discount. What does that mean? It means you are willing to accept a smaller lumpsum today so that you can use the cash now.

Make Your Retirement Work For You

Since you understand your situation, wants and needs, you are the one that makes the final decision with your money. We are here to purchase a portion of your future pension cash flow, no matter what your current situation is. All you need to participate in our program is proof that you have a pension, retirement, annuity or structured settlement and we do the rest! Our lump sum purchase services do not just cover pensions, we also give lump sum payouts for the following:

  • Royalty Payments
  • Lump Sum Inheritance Buyouts
  • Settlements
  • Annuities
  • Secondary Annuity
  • Structured Retirement Payments

Sometimes there is need to get a lump sum payment for a pension, LumpSum Pension Purchase can process your transactions, so you receive your lump sum payment fast. Get your cash today by filling out our easy pension purchase application above.

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