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People from across the country trust LumpSum Pension Purchase with all of their lump sum purchase needs. We have earned their trust by making acquiring lump sum payments a quick and efficient process. We start our process by carefully examining the unique needs of our clients. We will then apply their needs to their request. For example, with an entire annuity or structured settlement, our experts will use your information to create a transaction that offers the utmost flexibility.

We have an entire staff of certified experts. Although the process for lump sum payments or sell my structure settlement depends on the state, annuities are usually received by our clients in 12-14 days. We will process your transactions, so when you need secondary annuity, royal payments and more all at the same time, that is exactly what you will get.

Need to sell your structured settlement payments? No problem. The experts we have here at LumpSum Pension Purchase will initiate the court processing of the state and even process the majority of the documentation. All you will usually need is a copy of the annuity contract, a settlement agreement, identification, and the expert guidance of LumpSum Pension Purchase.

For lump sum payments and so much more, contact us today.

Contact us to know more about us and our other services such as sell my structured settlement, lump sum structured settlement and more.

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Henderson, NV 89052

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